travel,automotive,photography..what is the connection?

What am I blogging about? Well, ever since the firm I work for decided to send me abroad for assignments, I’ve caught the travel bug. All my experiences, fun for the most part, have left good memories to hold on to for long and needless to say they all make their way in here. Exploring the areas where I go to are always exciting to say the least.

Many a times, my passion for automobiles leaves me alienated in some conversations. Goes without saying that I have a lot to write about automobiles. I’ve driven around some nice set of wheels while in the US and while at that, I write about my reviews about these. While on the subject of automobiles, I could end up writing about the industry itself.

I busted my canon point and shoot camera. Up untill then, I’d only show curiosity about DSLR’s and therefore photography as an interest was never a big thing..however, this changed once I bought a DSLR and ever since, I’ve been experimenting with pix. Automotive design for me is an art form..therefore I love taking pix of automobiles. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to see photoblog’s of events surrounding cars.
I enjoy taking pix of flora and fauna too..I’m hoping to learn every time and get better and better..

I guess that’s it..

Hope you like my posts!



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