Lessons in Honesty

The life we all lead today in this hyper competitive world is quite challenging in its own way and, truth be told, it does rely on a Web of lies. Wouldn’t it be Utopia if everybody spoke the truth and only the truth? Courts wouldn’t need to have one swear over holy scripts to ensure one speaks the truth. Sadly, reality bites hard.
What then, is the best things one can teach the children of today? Of all the virtues, honesty is definitely one.

An example of this is what wife and I saw in Vaasa, Finland where we live. Last summer on a warm sunny day, we decided to sit in the market Square as did several others. We saw a cute small 2 yr old kid play around. But then, something caught the attention of the kid – it was a 20 EUR bill lying on the ground. To the kid, it was a piece of paper with some curious designs. As expected, the kid picked it up and ran to the Father sitting close by. The father scold the kid and instructed to drop it where found. The kid diligently did exactly that as we saw. At 2 yrs of age this was practical learning which I’m sure will be etched in memory for the rest of the kids life. No wonder Helsinki was top on the list of honest countries in an experiment conducted by Readers Digest. How I wish the whole world taught this lesson to all their kids. As wise people have said before, teaching values of life starts at home.
Alas, the competitive and dog-eat-dog nature of life today is the perfect antithesis of all that I’ve written above. I hope we all do our 2 bits.


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