Everything Happens for Good – tales of Wisdom

Disclaimer : I am not the wise man who came up with this tale. it is, in fact, Gaur Gopal Prabhu from ISKCON who with his very humorous approach to conveying his message, does a fantastic job of it. This, of the many stories, is particularly relevant in our life while choosing the path of peace and harmony.

quote –

Long long time ago, there was a king who had a trusted Minister/Advisor. The minister was an optimist and would always say ‘everything is for the good’. The king was always at loggerheads with his minister about this. One day, the king was cutting an apple at the dining table and severed his finger. He looked at the minister who was sitting next to him and asked ‘ is this for the good?’. Minister smiled and said ‘yes’. The king was furious and threw the minister to the dungeons. Much later after the kings wound healed, he went out hunting deep in the woods. While he was there, a group of tribal’s captured him and took him to a Hermit who was looking for a living being to sacrifice to God. He was delighted to see that being a King. Just when the tribals were to behead the king, the hermit noticed the lack of a finger. He said to the tribals  ‘stop !!, you fools, you are making me sacrifice an incomplete offering. He has 1 finger missing. God will be enraged’ and sent the king away alive.

 The king now realized the ministers wisdom and went to the dungeons to thank him. But then, he asked ‘It was understandable in my case but then, I threw you in the dungeons. How was it good for you?’

The minister replied, ‘ it was definitely a blessing for me. If you had not jailed me, I would have been with you in the woods. The tribals would’ve taken us both but let you go for the lack of a finger and killed me instead. However, I am here, alive’.

– end quote 


Thus, the saying, everything is for the good.

Watch this Video below where this story is narrated by the wise man himself. this story can be heard from 1:47:15 onwards.

The whole video is very good though.  Most of it is in English with a very few bits of Hindi (Indian language). one can still decipher it all.

spread the word people.


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