Small Town Factor

As you may have known from my profile, I hail from Bangalore, India. This is a city of 9mn people and rapidly growing thanks to the IT industry and it’s exponential growth. But then, this article is barely about Bangalore. It’s stake to the title Small Town is long gone. I have been living in Vaasa,Finland for 3+ yrs by now. Vaasa, with its population of 65k, does definitely get the title Small Town. 65k..that is correct. No typo. Come to think of it, the whole of Finland has a population of 5.5mn.
Many have asked me this question about how I like Vaasa compared to Bangalore which is Humongous in relative terms considering the size of the city.. Well, that is precisely why I like this town..while Finland would like to call it City, it’s a town in my eyes.
Everything one needs is in walkable distance. If not, it’s max 15 minutes drive away. Work included.
You can literally bump into the same people everyday. People we work with, do business with…everybody.
For eg – My Internet had an issue and needed to be Checked by an expert. Went to my service provider who then setup a time for a expert to come to my house. Unfortunately this appointment was for a few days later coz of the weekend in b/w. Just then I realize my neighbour worked there. He heard my story and offered to come by home later that evening and fixed it over a cup of coffee.. You see, I could never expect this in any big city.
Almost everybody knows everybody.
I have met people from work at gym, while cycling around town.
Heck, I’ve even met Vaasa dwellers (the ones that I know) in Airports far away in other parts of Europe.
If you’re piss drunk, you can rest assured that there would be someone in the bar who would know where you live and would drop you. Worst case scenario, one can still crawl back on all four’s and still reach home within 15 minutes. Well ok, that bit was exaggerated but you get the drift.
You can never blame delayed meeting arrival to traffic. There is nothing called traffic jam or grid lock in this city. If you said traffic, that’d be the best joke of the day.

This is what I like most about being in a small town like Vaasa – the small town factor. And I like it.

ps : Feature image courtesy google. copyright belongs to original owner. 



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