Gadgets – Way ahead | Device Integration.

If wishes were Fishes, everybody would have an aquarium…

Having said that, I still cannot stop myself thinking out loud about what I would really like to see happen in the world of gadgets.

Clearly for now, there are 3 devices one would HAVE TO have –

Smartphone, tablet, laptop.

Desktops are clearly out of the race now.

Also in the fray are hybrid intermediate devices- phablets.

Smartphones – Gadget to carry work around and be more productive while on the move. tie in some entertainment and a camera and it becomes a MUST-HAVE.

Tablets – kudos to Steve Jobs to have created this category. A need we never knew we had. But now, everybody wants one and in all shapes and sizes. It does a touch more than what a smartphone does. has a bigger screen. So, browsing around and watching movies and playing games can now shift to a tablet. awesome.

So, can a smartphone and tablet be all that one would need?

apparently not.

laptops – Dependency on Microsoft is still not gone. Professional world still works mostly on Microsoft tools. outlook and office for instance.
Outlook email with archive using local storage more or less binds one to use a Laptop. I’m sure mostly all users are still more comfortable using a traditional keyboard and mouse for working on spreadsheets and presentations. Also, with ease of connectivity to Projectors and TV’s, it is still the most preferred way of presenting and for collaborative working.
Where is all this going?

these are exciting times for Gadget lovers though..but then, along the way, it is certainly creating tonnes of e-waste and more rapidly than ever before. technology is changing exponentially. yesterdays top spec is today 2nd grade already. with new needs being created, older devices are simply thrown away as e-waste.

fact happens that only 12.5% of e-waste can be recycled. there is still 87.5 % of the waste that is…err. waste.

There is no doubt that this trend has to be reversed.

Solution – Device Integration.
Let me elaborate – I just got myself a stunning looking phone – sony xperia z2. It comes with gorilla glass front and back and just feels awesome. However, the more I look at it, more I tend to see this as a missed opportunity for Sony to have added another display screen in the back.. And do what you say? That brings me to the next thought – bendable displays. With technology rapidly advancing, I can already go ahead and imagine a device that is a smartphone with a 5″ display on both sides. The display on the rear would not work when folded back but then, fold it out 180 deg and the device now becomes a tablet. Fold it out to 240deg and the device now gets a laptop like configuration. The second display could have the keyboard for typing leaving a larger screen space for usage.
While talking to an entrepreneur in the nano-technology domain, I come to understand that the technology is quite there already.
I hope somebody makes a beginning to end the eWaste marathon we are on now.

As for me, I still haven’t purchased a tablet for much the same reason as I quote above. Still hopeful of seeing a convertible device soon.


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