Finally..the AutoBAHN

The problem with driving anywhere in the world is control. There are speed limits to adhere to. Of course, one can overspeed but that comes at a price. In Finland, that can be very expensive affair. Quite similar with many other countries too. No wonder the Autobahn in Germany is considered as a must-do for all who love driving and speed at that.
For the unitiated, the Autobahn is the name of highways in Germany where there are no speed limits. Yes you can read it again.. That’s true.
I absolutely love driving and speed and unsurprisingly , driving on the Autobahn was on my bucket list too. I kept waiting for it for a while and then came the moment. I had to drive from Munich to Zurich and for which, the chosen car (a rental) was an Audi A3 hatchback. Not the most exciting but it did the job. The route was via one of the Autobahn’s. Yaaay. The moment had arrived.
The drive actually started out a bit confusing… I happened to see speed limit signs which kind of disappointed me. I thought speed limits didn’t exist on Autobahn’s. But later I figured out that it is only on some sections and then there is indeed a ‘cancel speed limit’ sign which brought back my smile.



Time to unleash the monstrous urge to redline the Damn engine. The 1.8 litre petrol engine was eager enough to heed to the command and all I had to say was POWERRRRRR while shifting at max rpm.
There is usually a big question about safety. Does everybody drive at 200+ kph? Not really.. But then, there is a discipline. Slower cars immediately move to the slow lane leaving the fast lane alone. All good then.
While shifting at redlines on the tacho, I had reached VMax of this car-250kph. Thanks to my gravity friendly body frame, could not do anything beyond 250kph.. Kind of figured out that it could be restricted. Anyhoo this fun continued for a while till I started to see a yellow spot in my rear view mirror which kept getting bigger. I soon realized there was a faster car behind me and I obviously had to move over. Within seconds, the yellow spot grew to be a Porsche 911 gt3rs and then whoop…. Gone. Must be easily clipping 320+.
Now all I want to do next is drive one such car next time I drive on the Autobahn.
Luckily a good friend of mine who lives nr Zurich has just bought a Porsche Macan Turbo S. Hopefully it is not electronically restricted and we can have some fun driving it.

1 item in my bucket list checked.


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