Horror in the night : notification



Yupp.. I said it. Notification light on the smartphone is a boon during working hours but a bane in the night. Let me explain – By now, most, if not all companies have global operations which means emails can be flying around at anytime of the 24hrs a day has. Invariably, there are many emails that fly around in the night when it is day elsewhere. Here comes the devil.. Notification light. As it turns out, my mind subconsciously has a watch out for any blinking light and as soon as I see one in the dark of the night, a mysterious force makes me go see what it is. In 99% chances, it would be some emails. Having known it’s an email, I can’t just ignore it… What if my roof is on fire and somebody chose to email me about it? What if the world is ending tomorrow and I haven’t checked my email about it tonight?

This fear factor makes me see the emails and there goes my sleep. In most cases, I’ve probably ended up replying to an email at 3 in the morning. The concept of a deep sleep is getting all fuzzy now. spoke to a few colleagues and it looks like many suffer from this…the ones that don’t get bothered are the one’s who hide their phone when they get home. Thankfully I have turned off all other notifications from Twitter, news et al…as for hiding my phone, we’ll see about that.

Question – should the phone have a working hours setting? Or do we continue becoming slaves of the notification light?



  1. I fully agree! My phone has a silent hours settings & I have set mynight 11 to morning 6 as silent hours. It’s a boon settings.

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