Factor of time

Well, this is yet another story about me and my tryst with fitness. If you were expecting tips on how to lose weight quickly or how to get a 6 pack in quick few days – wrong place. This is far from it.
It is about something I observe – when I get to the gym, the first place I go to for a warm up is the treadmill. Start with a brisk walk and then some running. This is usual practice. When I start running , I feel like I’ll run forever..like forest gump. I feel like I have the energy to run 10kms non-stop. But then something happens – I see the time. Its everywhere..the wallclock, the one on the machine. Suddenly the rush of unlimited energy has vanished. Then starts the next phase – setting targets. Yes that phase. Mental motivation speech says ‘come on, finish a few more kms..come on’. Within the next few seconds, change of target – ‘come on..another 10 minutes..don’t see the time..keep running’. After what I think is about 10 minutes, I see the time..need confirmation right? Horror – its barely 5 minutes.
Just then i get the message in my mind- ‘screw this shit, get out of here’. Aye aye I say and end my treadmill time. This sequence repeats itself everytime and it doesn’t matter if it is the cross trainer, the gazibillion equipment or just crunches. Story is the same.

I wonder how these Finns run for so long non-stop. Every second person has run half or full marathon. Just heard that running a marathon at the age of 50 was on the wishlist of a Finnish lady. She did it too. Shame on me that I still struggle. Forest Gump is probably a Finn. As a matter of fact all Scandinavians…no wait, all you marathon runners.. Wherever in the world you are – how the hell do you guys do it?

As for me – I am going to recommend my gym to ban clocks/watches.



  1. running never worked for me either. I get bored easily and absolutely no motivation at all.. maybe its the marathon that motivates people to train and run..adds the missing sense of purpose, measurable goal, target etc…

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