I Feel good





In a world where Mirrors and Weighing scales don’t exist, I have the body of a Greek God.

Let me explain – To be totally honest, I am quite there on the Obesity chart – lowest part of the chart for now but nevertheless, that’s not good news either. I have finally managed to hit the gym more frequently and do the usual grind of Cardio’s and then the Weights – all sorts of Equipments (VFM you see) and then some crunches. The thing about this torture that I do like is that I feel good about it. I suddenly feel like I now magically have 6 pack abs and a perfectly toned body. Suddenly it feels like all the fat in my body is now converted into muscles strong enough to pull a train. Wow. In my mind, I’m already shopping in the Slim Fit section.
Nobody likes pain but then if this pain can make you feel good, then hell yeah..give me more of this. The tangible connection is with the positive energy that fills in making me feel like superman.

I know I Know.. I’ve started to talk a bit dreamy..anyway, getting back to topic..where was I? Aah yes yes..the feel good. Unfortunately this lasts only a short while. The moment I see myself in front of a mirror and stand on a weighing scale, this whole dream world collapses. All the fat is still there..weighing scale still eagerly jumps into the higher zone. Nothing has changed. The feel good factor then evades into oblivion.

Note to self -> just don’t watch the damn scales..geddit?



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