the Hardest journey.


The more I think about it more I tend to agree with myself…The Hardest Journey that I ever take is the one to the Gym. Fitness Freaks would practically live in a Gym. Not Me. I’m just a regular guy with regular interests… fitness is not one of them. Anybody who has seen me will agree at nano speed. But, being mid 30’s already, I Kinda agree that I have to lose some weight now ( quite some actually).

Some suggest food control can help eg eating only Salads etc but then, hey, Buffaloes eat only grass..still wondering?

I totally believe in 1 thing – no pain no gain. Working out in a gym can give the pain that makes my brain believe I’m losing weight. Reality could be different though. OK. So fundamentally I know I have to go to a gym and torture myself and I’m mentally prepared. Awesome. What next. Well, that’s the hard bit actually.

Every evening when I get back home, plan of action is set – Relax a bit and then pack the bags and go. This is where the mind plays tricks. Several actually. All tend to say..
Why today?
We can go tomorrow..
Remember what the trainer said? 4 days a week is good. Skip today and go tomorrow.

And then, the brain basically goes on autopilot and I end up canceling.
Great. I can now relax a bit more and maybe concentrate on worldly matters life global peace, penguins, polar bears etc. Except none of those happen. I end up playing Real Racing 3 on the iPad. Great. Although I must admit… That’s one awesome game and free.

Then comes the regret – I really should’ve gone to the gym and then the note to self – no more reasons. Gym it is.
Unfortunately, the cycle continues till I , once in a while, break the trend and actually go and torture myself in the hope of becoming a lesser burden on earth – literally.

With this , I kinda conclude that the hardest journey is the one from the sofa at home to the gym.




  1. Try running at least during summer that you are outdoors and running gives you lot of options to make it interesting…I started it when i was in US and got addicted to it now have done 6 Half Marathons and planning for a full marathon early next year…Also look out for running groups in your area i am sure there will be tons working out in group is always fun.

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