How I bought a Camry V6…part 4 – Found it



..then, just when I was planning on getting back to peachtree city (from atlanta) , I checked craiglist for updates. Amongst all the rubbish cars listed, I found one car which was kinda good but had high miles.
it was a 2000 toyota camry V6 with 187k miles on it. after all the cars I’d seen, I thought i’d give a shot too. quickly called the owner and arranged a meeting spot and went out . There this was ..



I spoke to the owner and enquired all about the car. seemed like it was regularly serviced and generally maintained well. after all the mandatory paper work check, I took it for a drive around the block. maan. This thing was smooth. Well, it’s a V6. it was so smooth and the gearshift so seamless that it almost made me disbelieve the 187K miles on the odo.
I fell in love with the car immediately. All the crap cars I’d seen earlier led me to appreciate this car even more. I did not waste too much time. after we got back, I sat down to talk money. he quoted $4000.
in the meanwhile, I had silently had my buddy look up Kelly blue book report. I interacted with my buddy on text messaging while talking to this owner. KBB said the car’s worth was $3850 for a ‘fair’ condition camry V6 with 187k miles on it. With that info, I bargained and pulled it down to $3850 and bang- we had a deal !!
this was going to be my own car in the US !! I was getting excited. I paid up $ 200 as advance and fixed up a date of 11th feb 2010 to go and pick this car up from ATL.

phew. one big job done and done well..for sure.

in all this excitement of finding a good car, I forgot something every important. carfax report.

The next day, I got the carfax. bad news. This car had met with an accident.sigh.I called the owner and demanded my money back. what was the accident? an owner before the current one had rear ended into another car in front. damage? front grille mounts cut and bumper ever so slightly out of alignment. I had noticed it earlier but then I had no idea it would be on carfax coz that actually hurts the value. I sat pondering if the gamble is worth it. guess what, I ignored the carfax report and went ahead with the purchase. what else was on the report? all else reported was about the regular servicing (v good) , owner change report. And that’s it. was that good enough? oh yes.I could trace the service history till I bought it. that was good enough.

I then went about negotiating for insurance. I was here on International Drivers permit and for that, I had to pay a slightly higher premium. with that criteria, I chose progressive insurance coz they were the cheapest for a full coverage insurance with rental reimbursement upto a month and road side assistance.

D day, 11th Feb, took a one way rental car from Peachtree City to ATL. for whatever reason, the rep was in a good mood and she gave me a free tank of fuel for my drive. naiss. oh by the way, the car was a Pontiac G5 coupe.

I drove straight to best buy, bought me a tom tom GPS and then drove on to the pre decided location in ATL. it was multi storied parking lot. parked in a near by building and then walked up. met the owner,paid up the cash,exchanged the paper work and he left . There I stood -staring at a car I never thought I’d buy. From “I’ll-never-buy-a-jap-crap” to “the-camry-is-the-car-to-buy”. I had just bought my 1st car in US.

Now I was supposed to relocate from Peachtree city,GA to Americus,GA. I planned it such that I’d leave from Peachtree City, go to ATL, pick my car up and then drive out to Americus,GA which is 2 1/2 hrs away from ATL.

Drove the car out straight to a gas station, filled her up and off I went.more the miles, more I started to love the car ..

No Wonder Jap cars sell well.


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