How I bought a Camry V6… Part 3 – The Shortlisting


5 cars shortlisted for shortlisted for inspection for the weekend .

1. 1995 Acura Legend.

2. 1997 Acura Integra.

3. 1997 Nissan Altima.

4. 1996 Civic sedan

5. 1996 Civic coupe

well, actually shortlisted many more but then I could end up speaking with only 5 of them prospective sellers.

Took a Rental Kia Optima and left on sat morning.

and this is what happened with each of these cars..

1. 1995 Acura Legend.

all the while, I was made to believe that it was being sold by an individual and not a dealer.guess what, was a mexican dealer. when i went there, all he said was ” the car just got were late.” that was non sense.I reached at the time we had decided on.he was in a very far away location too.instead he started selling the mazda’s he had.I did not want to heed to anything he said.drove out of there.

1 car down.

2. 1997 Acura Integra.

we had decided to meet at a convenient location coz i did not have a GPS and I could not locate his address.bugger never turned up.after an hours of my waiting , I got a call.
“yo man..I can’t be there mechanic is working on the car and he has opened up half the engine ”
I asked ” what’s wrong? ”
he ” the head gasket is gone and I tried to change it myself and it did not work and so , I called my mechanic ..we can meet tomorrow”
this car went to the trash as far as i was concerned.

2nd car down.

3. 1997 Nissan Altima.

this was a car i wasn’t really keen on but I wanted to see it anyway coz the miles seemed like genuinely low miles. this time around, this guy said he’d come to the hotel I was in.sounded like he was desperate to sell the car. I had seen the pic of the car. it was rear 3 qtr shot of the car and it looked ok.
he turned up on time.when I saw the car, I really wanted to just walk away and not even tell him that it was me he came to meet. it was a disgusting looker. the rear 3 qtr,which was in the pic , was the only bit that was acceptable..
paint- oxidised beyond recognition.
body- dents all over.
interiors- it was a smokers den, it even had the door pads missing. the speakers were all falling into hands. half the electronics were not working.
suspension & tyres – tyres were all screwed.suspension.God knows.I didn’t ride/drive it.
engine – this was the joke.bugger had button start/stop installed and it never worked. so he had to go and bypass it and start it.I cared the least for this car.I said I’ll get back to him.we just can’t say no easily. It’s an Indian thing.

he msg’d me later asking ” dude, are you still interested in the car” I replied “did I even have to reply? wasn’t it clear when we met? good luck selling it”

3rd car out

4. 1996 Civic sedan

this was being sold by an Indian had low miles and he said all was fine with the car and that he was buying a newer car and did not need this one.most common reason people give.I went to his apartment complex and walked up to his apartment block.when i reached I got irritated to the core.this guy said he was going to sell it to me but here he was.negotiating with somebody. in front of me. atleast he could’ve told me when i called him from the gate of the apartment complex.I could find sollace in the fact that this car was not even starting. it had a starter motor problem and would’ve cost me a lot to tow it and get it repaired anyway.

4th car down..this was getting frustrating.

5. 1996 Civic coupe

this was officially my last car on the list and I was in the most frustrated mood. Again, the car owner came to a common place to show me his was black coupe.I have a soft corner for coupes.I kinda like them.
the car had bad paint, bad interiors and bad electronics.the power windows and the inside door latches wouldn’t work either. was the engine good atleast? well, when i drove it, the engine felt good was the suspension and tyres. i got back to the spot and popped the hood to see the engine my horror.the car was red color on the inside !! the reason for the bad paint on the outside was coz this guy had painted his car at home. That’s it.told him his car was useless and walked off.went back to the hotel with all options gone away with no car shortlisted.

– To be continued.


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