Camry out | Mercedes W210 in..

Circa 2011.

Location : Peachtree city, Georgia USA

I was soon returning to India and the Camry I owned had to be up on the classifieds.
Earlier when I got the Valve cover gasket work done, the mechanic told me very clearly that 210,000 miles is the limit for the replacement timing belt.
if it still survives, its only on pure luck.
With this scare in mind, I was risking every day of my drive coz replacing the timing belt itself is a 1000$ expense. if the car breaks down on the highway, additional costs to be borne would be towing & rental car which would shoot the cost upto 1500$.
not cool.

Told this to Bob (my house owner) to which
he said ” sell that f****g car soon before it ends up being a liability to you”.
me ” ok, I’ll put it up on craigslist and wait for a sale but what if it gets sold immediately..i can’t afford to rent a car all those days”
he ” you can use any one of my cars”

I didn’t do much about this and still carried on pushing my car coz the above conversation was over a lot of alcohol.

after 2 days, he popped the question ” did you put your car up on craigslist yet?”
me ” not yet Bob..still worried about my transportation after selling it”
he ” damn it, did I not tell you to use any of my car?”
me ” were you serious? you were drunk and I wasn’t so sure”
he” go ahead..I have the other cars to drive around”
me ” ok..thats very kind of you”

so what were the choices ?

1. 2001 Mercedes E320 V6 automatic
2. 1997 Dodge RAM 2500 5.4 Diesel. manual
3. 1974 Austin Healey 3000 manual.

the austin was the 1st off my list coz its sitting there to be auctioned one fine day at Barrett Jacksons auctions. I can’t afford to mess it up.
the RAM was too much to handle. I’ve driven it before and its a bit scary at times.

the last option on the list remained the Merc.
I told him that I’ll drive the Merc if I sold my car. He was fine with it.

The afternoon of 18th Feb is when I put my Camry for sale on craigslist. quote was $ 4000.
I was shocked that I got 30 calls within 1/2 hr. It was as if I was giving off the car for free.
I was returning calls and one guy said ” Dude, I’ve got a friend of mine close by,He’ll come and see the car if its fine with you” .Plan made.
Met the guy at a spot pre decided and we went on a quick drive. Turns out he was a dealer. he started pointed out all flaws to pull the price down.
I stopped him right there and said ” dude, the price is firm. I don’t intend to discuss that point anymore. I’ve got buyers for that price. ”
he ” ok, lets call it a deal”
me ” good, now show me the money!!”
and that’s how I sold my Camry.
all in 1/2 a days time.

I then started driving this Mercedes. I did not buy it nor did I rent it.
Just drove it around like I own it !!

The seats were so much more confortable. the V6 Engine- Smooth. Transmission – slick. Suspension – Supple.

All in all, it was a luxury barge. I instantly fell in love with the car. I was totally spoilt.


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