Cars and Coffee !


Even as the light drizzle descended upon Saturday mornings Cars&Coffee gathering, the weak storm front was unable to dampen the spirits of the early morning, die-hard participants. What initially appeared as lighter than usual attendance at 6 AM, progressed into a steady stream of cars that continued arriving well past 8 AM.

Obviously, the drizzle had a major impact on the owners of convertibles, but for the most part, the majority had come equipped with tonneau covers and kept their interiors dry…

Red & Green Austin Healey convertibles sandwiching a blue Triumph TR 6_Cars&Coffee_October 20, 2012

Even these classic Jaguar’s ( XK 140 roadster & XK 150 coupe) as seen below, came out and braved the less than sunny morning.

Green Jaguar XK 140 roadster with tonneau & white Xk 150 coupe_in the rain_Cars&Coffee_October 20, 2012

What was even more amazing (at least to me), was observing that the owners of these beautifully restored cars appeared unfazed by the drizzle falling onto their prized possessions.

Green Jaguar XK 140 roadster_front end detail in the rain_Cars&Coffee_October 20, 2012

Green Jaguar XK 140 roadster_rear view with rain drops_Cars&Coffee_October 20, 2012

One of a handful of gumball hued cars in attendance, and delivering an intense splash…

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