Getting back to basics

..while the intial settling in was all done and I was set to lead my life in Vaasa, Finland, I started to notice that a lot of Finns use bicycles. There are dedicated cycle paths all over the town and a lot of them use the same for running as well. That points me to the fact that the Finns are fitness freaks. They have awesome stamina which is noteworthy from the top class performance by Finns in all forms of sports.
the US has abundance of Obese people and my large frame was not that much out of place in US. but in Finland, I certainly look like the odd one. That reminds me to get back to my fitness regime. Burning calories suddenly became top priority.

that’s when I decided to go buy myself a used bicycle…

Its a road bike with Rigid suspension. The frame is very light and that helps compensate my Gravity friendly body. It has 21 gears and is pretty useful with twist shift. the shifts are very precise and that’s amazed me all the while. I’m enjoying riding around. well, as long as it is warm and sunny.


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