Blackberry? what the hell is that?

Long time ago, My buddy was all gung-ho about his Blackberry 8320. I showed no interest in his gibberish coz those days I thought the HTC P3300 I had was the most fantashtik phone ever. I even remember asking him “Blackberry? what the hell is it? ” He kinda thought he was a Blackberry brand ambassador. I got curious and borrowed it for a few days and quite liked it. I eventually picked up a BB 8520 and abused it till it decided to die like a cockroach. damn thing just stopped one fine day. that’s it. I then, went ahead and bought myself a BB 9300. Through this time I was only liking this phone better each day.

Cut to End May ’12 when I eventually did reach Vaasa, All I thought was just unpack and press would just continue. with that funda, I popped in the prepaid SIM card from DNA mobile network which my friend gave me and called the customer care to activate BB services..

me : I have this prepaid sim card and I need to activate blackberry services on it. 
rep : excuse me? what did you want to activate? what phone do you use? 
me : its a Blackberry and I have to have internet working on it. which means you have to activate it. 
rep: what kinda of phone is a blackberry?
me : what? its a phone..a smart phone if you may. can you just go ahead and activate internet. 
rep : sorry but I can’t find any settings we have for this phone of yours. I can only suggest some manual stuff if it helps you. 
me : aaw damn. yes, please give it. …

I eventually concluded that I was speaking to somebody who was ill informed and I went to a DNA mobile brand store and…

me : Hey, I need to have internet working on this phone. I use a DNA prepaid phone. your customer care was not well informed. 
rep : what phone is this? 
me : its a blackberry. never seen one before? 
rep : Blackberry? what the hell is that? no.. I’ve never seen this phone. 
me : wait a minute, is it just that you haven’t seen it? or it is sold in your store? 
rep : I’ve not seen that ever so I’m not sure if anybody knows how to make it work.
me : Are you kidding me? so what do you suggest I do if I need internet and push email ?
rep : err, buy a new could pick from a range of Nokias, Samsungs or you can buy the iPhone even.
me : aaw crap…...and I storm out of the store.

After much research I realized that for a country with just 5 mil population, RIM did not think it feasible to offer BB services in this country. Nokia being Finn, most Finns buy a Nokia without a blink. the iPhone has cracked the market a bit too.
I was in mood to buy another phone. In fact I still don’t want to buy another phone now.
Hence, I now have a BB 9300 which works efficiently in :
1. Phone calls.
2. Text messages.
3. Alarm clock.
4. lest I forget, its my gaming console…err..sudoku for those times on the throne. 

I guess I started the vicious circle by 1st asking “Blackberry ? What the hell is that? “. what goes around comes around..I totally believe in it now.


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