Finnish Weather..

It’s can one not talk about weather? everybody fact the Americans consider Football (the american type) or baseball as good conversation starters..with Finns, it is always the weather.

The weather in Finland is variable and can change very quickly. When there are winds from the west, the weather is generally warm and clear in most part of Finland.

Finland’s winters are long and cold. Especially in northern parts of Finland you can find snow on the ground for 90 – 120 days each year. The mildest weather in winter is found in southwestern Finland amongst the countless islands in the Baltic Sea. temperatures are mostly around -15 to -20 deg C. last year it went down to -30 deg C even.

The summer offers great weather in Finland. In the Finnish South and central Finland, summer weather is mild and warm, just like in other parts of southern Scandinavia. temperatures in Vaasa are anywhere between 18-28 deg C during the days.

Being close to the Arctic circle, Finland gets to see long days during summer and long nights during winters. Actually that is not completely true. For a period of time in the summer there is absolutely no darkness. 24X7 daylight.
In fact, initially I’ve suffered a lot due to this. I once woke up at 2 ‘o’ clock totally unsure if I had overslept or underslept. When I realized it was 2.00 am indeed, I could not sleep after that. I even call this the bright side of the world !!..that also means i’ll live the dark side in winter when there is barely going to be any daylight.

I picked this topic with a few Finns..:

me : this whole total daylight thingy is horrible..How do you guys manage? 
finn : We use dark curtains on our windows and simulate darkness..seems like nobody told you that yet..We love the sun..we have it for a short period so we make the max of it. 
me : aah..I see.
finn : Summer is one of the most important part of our life that the whole country goes off on vacations during this period of time
me : Work? is the plant shut down as well? 
finn : no..not really. the vacations are timed such that progress is still there on ongoing production orders. the rest plan activity surrounding vacations so its alright 
me : nice..and what do you do during the vacations? do you travel around holidaying like the americans? 
finn : Depends..some choose to go off to beaches in southern Europe, some choose to stay at Summer cottages in various parts of Finland..some just work in their backyards
me : So a lot revolves around these vacations..
finn : I hope you get to do something nice during the vacation
me : I will not be on any vacations but I have a few fun things planned up. 

so, there you go..that’s how important summer is to the Finns.

Now, whoever I met have all unanimously told me that I’ve arrived during the best part of the weather..and in the same sentence have also told me to gear up for the harsh winter. There is a lot to see in terms of weather. But for now, it is mid summer and I am making the most of it. Being outdoors most of the time.
I’m certainly making the most of the Finnish Summer.


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