Vaasa, Finland

What is Vaasa all about? 

Well, it is a small city on the west coast of Finland. It has a population of around 60,000. It is known as the sunniest place in Finland based on the sunny hours in a year.
Incidentally a significant share of Finland’s – and of all the Nordic countries’ – energy technological industry is concentrated to the Vaasa region. The strong know-how is centred in the solutions for distributed energy production, energy distribution and consumption.
Vaasa is generally speaking an industrial town, with several industrial parks.
It is also the centre of education for all of western Finland by playing host to 3 universities. Due to this, there is a mix of all cultures in the city.
The city is quite compact and most things to see are within walking distance. The commercial center and nightlife is concentrated in the area around the market square.

Vaasa was an important place of governance when Finland was part of Sweden. It started in the 14th century when Korsholm castle was built near the village of Mustasaari. In 1606 the village of Mustasaari was granted city status and five years later it was renamed Wasa in honor of the Swedish royal lineage.
In 1852, the whole city was burnt down in a raging fire and in 1862, the new city came up 7 kms northwest of the old town.
Vaasa has also been the hot bed of the Finnish War in 1808-1809 and was with the Russian Empire for a while.
Eventually Vaasa also served as the temporary capital of Finland for a few months in 1918 during the Finnish Civil war.



    • a lot more to come through time .. 🙂 i’m an outsider, I know only what I read. Appreciate if you could help me with more information.

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