Finnish’d !!

This goes to all those of you who kept asking me why i’m in Finland and not in US. You really need to know the  Background :

One fine day, a few months ago, my boss called me up and we had a very ‘friendly’ chat.

boss: Tell me this, how long has it been since you came back to India?

me (Unsuspectingly) : 1 yr.

boss: ok. I hope you are all set to travel now.

me : duh..what??

boss: you heard me right. There is an upcoming assignment in Finland I want you to take up.

me: What? Finland?

boss: That’s right Finland. Don’t ask again.

me: aah ok..Is there no room for my preference? what are my choices?

boss: Finland it is. and your choice of answer can be yes or yes.

me: aaw. that’s a tough one. When do I travel?

boss : Apply for your visa and as soon as you get your visa you are out of here !! Muhahahahahaha !..

trust me , that laughter is still audible.

I’m sure the only song playing in his car at that time would’ve been Bhaag D K Bose –

Fast forward to Today :

End of May 2012, I started on my journey from Bangalore,INDIA to Vaasa, FINLAND. Now I wasn’t new to International travel and nor does the western lifestyle overwhelm me. So i was kinda relaxed. The flight chosen was a lil rubbish I must say. Bangalore to Delhi – Reached Delhi at 22:00 to take my next flight of Delhi to Helsinki at 10:30 next morning..this was a horrendous 12 hrs of wait I tell you.  Lack of sleep made the wait worse. Anyway, Finnair was prompt at its timing so that helped. I had to fly onwards from Helsinki to Vaasa so another few hrs of wait at Helsinki and I had reached my upper limit of tolerance. By the time I reached Vaasa all I was ready for was some good sleep.

At Vaasa, a good friend of mine was waiting for me to pick me up. he dropped me off to the hotel. Aah..the hotel…here was a surprise I wasn’t expecting. Nobody at the front fact no front office even. Then we noticed a keypad by the door. We then realized that there was a door code sent out in the reservation confirmation. This key works for all doors. It expires on the last day of reservation. Nice. Not seen this before. That reminds me to facts about Finland – there are so less number of people in Finland that having somebody sitting at reception lobby’s was a bit too much. Point noted.

When I set out to travel and I thought about Europe, I thought it would be no big deal. I really thought US, Europe all same.  Not completely true. There are quite a few things to learn, I thought all I would have to do is unpack and start off. well, now that I’m in Finland and this is the place I call home..for a short while now, I guess its time to write more about my experiences.

There is just too much to jot down already. I guess I’ll post them in separate posts Chapters.



  1. You have a friend in Vaasa too??? you seem to have network everywhere. Yes Europe is lot different compared to US in many ways – Cars, sports, language, culture, food etc…

    I would be interested to read more of your experiences in Finland. Keep it coming 🙂

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