Most of the international flights (mostly to US) I’ve taken have been in the night..protocol was very simple. Stay awake till the dinner and drinks are served. Down a few shots of Vodka, eat and sleep away. This is the best way to drown the agony of long duration flights. This time around the Finnair flight from Delhi to Helsinki was scheduled to depart at 10.30 am. I hadn’t slept the previous night coz I was spending it in the airport waiting lounge. Anyway, boarding et all went on smoothly and I got to my seat – an Aisle seat.
My neighbouring passenger was from India too. I’ve generally had little to nil conversations with my neighbouring passengers but this time around, we spoke. Him and I initially exchanged pleasantries and soon got into a conversation:

Him: This is expect an ontime flight.
Me: so it looks like you are a regular on this route.
Him : yeah..I live and work in Helsinki. You going to Helsinki too?
Me : not really. I go further to Vaasa. 
Him : what? Where is that? What’re you gonna do there? 
Me : boss says Vaasa, Finland, I nod my head and here I am. 
Him : and who do you work for? 
Me : L&T in Bangalore.

Now this is where it all goes into Serendipity mode..

Him : Bangalore? 
Me : yes..why does it surprise you? 
Him : I’m from Bangalore as well. 
Me: cool..when did you land here in Delhi?
Him : last night..Jet airways.
Me: wtf..same flight. me too. So where in Bangalore are you from?
Him : I’m in the northern part of Bangalore. 
Me : me too !! where exactly.
Him : near KR Puram.
Me : too. Where there?
Him : there is a place called Banaswadi? 
Me : you must be shitting me..I’m from around there too. 
Him : really? Well , not Banaswadi really but a place close to Dodda Banaswadi..its called Horamavu. 
Me : this is crazy. My house is on Hormavu mn rd. 
Him : what? really? I’m a few crosses away from Home Buzz dept store. 
Me : this is too much..I live bang opp to Home buzz. 

Turns out him and I live around 100 mtrs away from each other in Bangalore…and we meet in a flight to Helsinki !! our top cops kept on harping ‘know your neighbours’ .we never listened. He meant for the good I realize now.

I had my 1st stage of orientation of Finland, its people, its weather..all thanks to him.


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