Dandeli – River water Rafting !!

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now, of the 6 of us who went to this outing at Dandeli, 3 of us found white water rafting enticing. I for sure knew that it would give me the KICK. We quickly signed up for this event..the other 3 choose more peaceful ways of spending the morning – They went on a Coracle ride along the river.
White water rafting in that part of the area is conducted by 2-3 different teams. The resorts around Dandeli coordinate up with these guys and offer this ride.

Per instructions, the 3 of us assembled at the portico at 9am and the JLR jeep took us to a meeting spot and from there, we hopped onto another vehicle and eventually reached the spot. The rafts were brought to location in another Jeep.

At the take off spot, we were given the necessary do’s and don’t’s orientation. Our instructors were 2 guys from New Zealand. they made the whole thing sound very simple. I was raring to get on with the ride. Chose my size of life jacket and jumped into the Raft and said ‘Lets go !!’ ..but no, there was one more orientation pending – Rescue.

Instructor : Now before we set off, let me tell you this, we will have a lot of fun out there and it will involve a lot of team work. if one of you don’t play your roles, then we may risk having people fall out..so, let me show you how to rescue. 
me : ok. shoot. 
instructor : I need a Volunteer who will jump into the water now.

At this point I look around my fellow rafters..2 of my friends, 1 guy pretty much in the Obese category, 1 middle aged lady. that’s it. Lady, ruled out. she wouldn’t jump in. The Obese guy was busy looking everywhere else choosing to ignore the request. my friends grinned at me sheepishly and said ‘ Don’t know swimming’ ..that meant I was the chosen one. like it or not. What the hell..I jumped into the water.

Instructor : Very good. now the rest of you observe how to pull him out of the water…blah blah blah…(was blabbering away)

At this point, something the Forest Ranger mentioned the previous evening struck my mind..Crocodiles. Damn, he had told me that there are Crocs in this river. While this thought was making me hit Panic mode, the Instructor was busy giving Theoritical gyaan to the rest.

me : Rescue me or not..I’m out of here.

I wiggled my way back to the raft. phew. what a narrow escape from being Croc Food.

We then set off into motion into the slow current and learnt how to use the oars. it was hard work coz the lady and the Obese guy were doing nothing. Gradually we approached the Rapids and the boat suddenly sped up..

Some quick clockwise and anti clockwise rowing to correct course and we took the dip straight up and rose quite immediately with the boat going sideways..more rowing for course correction and we were doing a good pace while we approached the next set of rapids. This excitement went on for a few more rapids. Incidentally somebody did drop off the raft but from another raft.

This sure gave me the adrenaline rush I set out for. after all the rapids were done with, we got into calm waters and eventually stopped at a predetermined spot and from there, the transport vehicles took us back to JLR. The ride was so fascinating that I still rare to go Rafting again.

After reaching JLR, we relaxed for while, had lunch and then left towards Bangalore. That ended my Adventurous holiday in JLR, Dandeli.

Someday if I ever go to Rishikesh, I may choose to go rafting in the Level 5 rapids. one of the highest levels I’m told.


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