A day with the Star – Mercedes Star Drive

The 3 pointed star has always been my favorite brand all my life.  There is something magical about this brand that I can always relate to. Then, there is the 300 SL..a car so beautiful words can’t express. it is simply timeless.

I always thought that those lines and the gull wings could never be replicated..untill Merc decided to unveil the SLS. As a tribute to what is a legendary design, the SLS carried forward all the proportions of the 300 SL including the long hood and the gull wing doors. in fact, the front grille too is reminiscent of the 300 SL.

When I got an invite to go to Mercedes Star Drive, there was no way I could miss it.

More so coz the SLS was on display. I simply love the classic lines of a 300 SL in a modern  rendition.

The awesome AMG V8 exhaust note left me wondering if there can really be any better exhaust note..trust me, I don’t want to know.

Then there were the other AMG’s,

The E63 –

The C63 –

the SL 63 –

The Legendary G , the G 55 –

…and then some non AMG’s –

and then, I hung around in the Star Lounge for a while and with a scotch in hand. Thought about how much more I love Mercedes now. I’m a die-hard Merc fan – if you may.

Now, people at Mercedes, can you please do a modern rendition of the W124 and the W126 ? these are the other classic mercs I flip for.

See below gallery for more pix…



  1. yo bud !!, of course I know you..the Nat geo guy. No mate, I am not on FB..I’ll keep in touch with you via email though. Cheers !!

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