Nandi Hills : a night drive



Just like the everyday regime, me and wifey get out of gym at about 9 pm on Saturday i.e 21st Nov ’09 only this time, she’s fed up of not having her fave coffee at coffee day and insists we drive out to coffee day . it was 10:00 pm and all the while we had planned to go to Maddur CCD and we left from home. We are close to Hebbal.
thats when She says “I’m feeling sleepy, I don’t think I’ll be awake by the time we reach Maddur”

Me says “huh ok, so what are the options in front of us? We can either drop the plan and go back home or we can still have your coffee. We can go to CCD in NH 7 before the airport. Tell me quick”

She says “if I don’t have coffee at CCD, you have to make me cappuccino coffee at home “

I took the cue and quite immediately turned right towards airport. Reached CCD, lounged around for a while and had the coffee.

Wife suddenly is fully awake !!
Now after coffee, she was wide awake and that’s when I knew where to go.

Me: “ hope you liked the coffee”

Wifey: “yupp, been a very long time..i can’t stand this whole diet non sense”

Me: “how true. So, where do we go now?”

Wifey: “home, obviously”

Me: “ naah, I know a place we can go to”

Wifey : “ no way. You’re not going to nandi hills”

Me: “ yes we are..we’re this close and we’re not going back home”

Wifey: ” whatever. But are you sure its safe”

Me: “I hope there aren’t any of those drunkards around there. Rest should be fine”

I drive on with fingers crossed. Pull into the cross leading to Nandi hills from the Highway and there goes my luck. Some guys in a skoda Octavia busy blaring music drinking beer and throwing the bottles everywhere. Wifey stares at me. I ignore and move on. It complicates the matter coz I don’t have any sunfilm on my car coz I hate it and that attracts attention coz my wife is around. Lesson learnt; never take wife/girlfriend to Nandi Hills on the night drives. Did pass many cars till I reach the T junction from where I make a left. Now till here, the road was awesome and then, it’s all broken. Gaawd I hated that bit and then again, that’s only till the right turn to go uphill. hereon, the road is good all over again. To complicate my case, we come across more roadside pubs. Some bikers parked up and busy boozing . all the while wife says “ I told you its not safe, now lets get back” I insisted we carry on till curve 26.
Whats with curve 26 you say? Well, this is a place I’ve gone to from the past 10 yrs.
What is it? Well, there is this big rock where me and my friends used to sit on and chat along till the wee hours of the morning. The view from there is fantastic. (more about this later)
Where is it? Its some 2/3rd way up hill and it’s a right hand turn with the wall prominently painted “curve 26” .
Now I moved on and it kept getting cooler and this turned into fog. Now it gets better I thought coz the higher I went, the fog got thicker and thicker. I loved it. Suddenly I see a qualis full of guys going downhill stop and try to stop me. Wife goes ballistic and says “ lets go back. It looks unsafe” I didn’t stop for those guys and drove on. This is what I’d dreaded . as for the fog, it got thicker and thicker and midway, there is this huge wide left hander. At this place, visibility got close to 5 feet !! alto’s 60/55 headlamps were no longer sufficient. I could not see the guard walls nor the rocks. It was that bad. At this time, I had to stop. It was a no go situation. Remember I told about the skoda with drunkards, well they reach there when I stopped. Now I felt it was time to call it quits and backed up. Realized the skoda drove on further uphill in that bad visibility. Didn’t care about it. Got out. Enjoyed the cool climes. Wife didn’t get out at all. She’s seen too many of those bull shit horror serials and was scared to death in that place. I drove back from there. Same set of drunkards were still there. The qualis which tried to stop me was also there. I then realized that they tried to stop me to tell that I can’t drive any further coz of fog.
Reached home at about 2:30 am. Wife swore never to go to nandi hills with me ever again. All cool. I’ll go with the boys coz then, it’ll be a different story. There could be a different couple driving uphill.
They could pass by us when we’ve stopped for a beer.
And his wife could say “ wat a bunch of drunkards”.
And so the story will go on.


Update : the cops have now stopped all traffic going uphill on nandi hills past 6pm. so, no more night drives to Nandi hills now…


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