Traffic accident – the Cop Chronicle

it was a regular day when regular joe goes to a regular job. Nothing exciting/unexpected was anticipated. Just like a regular day, I dropped my wife at her bus stop and I drove on towards my workplace. I stopped at a red light at a junction.
Just then, I saw a truck pull up along alongside to the right of me. He was intimidatingly close but then, I chose to ignore. This happens way too often around here.
The signal turned green and I moved on. Just then, the truck did the unexpected- he did a course correction of sorts and turned left and then BOOOMM..the imbecile had banged my car in the right rear corner.
Damage- right rear quarter panel dent and tail light broken. I stopped the truck by the side and during the ensuing argument, he admitted it was his mistake.
What next? Well, he had to pay for the damages right? He’s a driver of a truck..the cost of the damages could be as much as his salary itself. Somebody has to pay for the damages and it is not me. Called up the trucking company and gave them my peace of mind and demanded they pay for the damages. The argument did not go well and the trucking co refused to pay up. I got pissed off. All this while I was trying to bring this situation a quick solution but it wasn’t meant to be.
I called the police station under whose jurisdiction this happened. In this case, Banaswadi police station. The Inspector gave me directions to the police station and asked me to register a complaint and do the proceedings. I was ok with it. I had the trucker follow me and drove towards the police station. I was mid way when the cop called me and..;

Cop – saar,where are you?
Me – I’m on the way to the police station.
Cop- and where is the truck?
Me- he is following me.
Cop- and where have you reached?
Me- i’m nr kamanahalli main road.why?
Cop- nothing..why come this far. You park nr kalyan nagar bus depot and wait..I’m on my way and I’ll meet you there in a few minutes.
Me (surprised at the promptness)- problem.

That location was 2 minutes away and I parked up by the side of the road and so did the trucker. The Inspector promptly reached the spot. Yes yes..such things do happen in India..but how? Anyway..there are many more things to deal with now..

Cop- saar, your name? Where do you work?

I gave my business card which read ‘manager,Larsen &Toubro limited’..the cop started to show more respect now.

Cop(to truck driver) – why did you ram into his car? Can’t you see where you are going?
Yada yada yada.some profanity and yada yada yada…the cop went on for a few minutes and in between I heard him say ‘do you know how big an officer he is?’

Officer? Me? Hmm..not bad, the business card got respect.
Anyway, back on subject..

Cop- saar, how much does this repair cost?
Me- around 20k at maruti.
Cop- what about insurance, this guy won’t have that much money and nor will he have in 4 months of his working.
Me- let him pay the difference amount that I’ll have to pay if I claim insurance…it could be around 5k.
Cop to driver (now in the role of negotiator)- pay up for the damages.
Driver- ok saar. How much?
Cop- 5k.
Driver- saar, I don’t have that much money..I’ll have to call my owner (the same guy I’d spoke to earlier).

Call he did and even tried to wiggle out..then the Cop grabs the phone and continues the conversation and convinces thr truck co to pay 5k.

Modus operandi- me and the trucker would wait at the police station, a rep from the truck co would come down with the money and I’d take it and provide a compromise letter.

Didn’t sound that bad after all it was working for my benefit.

we then drove on to the police station where the cop told me what needs to be written on the letter. The cop then confiscated the truck drivers license and all his vehicle documents and told him that he’d get it only after his rep would pay up. After which he told me that he’s going on rounds and that I call him as soon as the rep came. action point for me was to take the money and give the compromise letter. I nodded in confirmation.

After about 10 minutes of wait, that guy did come..

Rep- sir, are you the one whose car was struck by our truck?
Me (growling)- yes. where is the money?
Rep- sir, here it is (handing over the money).
Me- ok, now here is the compromise letter (the one I had written earlier). Sign on it.

Sign he did after which ;

Rep- sir, where are the vehicle documents?
Me- it is with the inspector. Ask him.
Rep- and where is he?
Me(growling again)- do you think I’m sitting here and keeping a tab people coming and going? Go ask in the office.
Rep- ok

walked into the office and came back.
Rep- sir, I believe the inspector has gone for rounds.
Me- I know that.

Then this guy calls his boss and gets an earful for giving the money before collecting documents.

Rep- sir, can you please give back the money. I will give it back after the Inspector gives the documents.

Me(laughing out loud)- do you think I’m mad, I did what I had to. I’m going.

Rep- sir, alteast wait till the Inspector comes.

Me(cranking the car)- its your fate. Wait.

I then left towards office assuming that the ordeal is now over with.

15 minutes into my drive I get a call.

Rep- sir, can you please come back?

Me- and why do you think I’ll come back. I had to give you the letter I’m done. Don’t call me again.

Rep- sir, inspector wants to talk to you.

Me- ok.

Cop- saar, where are you?

Me- you told me to collect money and give letter. I did. Is there anything pending? I guess not. Btw, thanks for all your assistance.

Cop- saar, it would be nice if you came.

Me- I’m in a rush. I have to be at office for meetings

Cop(mumbling)- ooh….hmm..i had to meet you.

Me- ok, I’ll come by later.

Cop(gleamingly)- sure? What time?

Me- yes yes..later in the evening.

Cop- ok ok I’ll wait for you.

I stopped the car..laughed a lot called my wife..both laughed for a while.

The cop was expecting a share of the money I got and that was the reason for all the over zealous assistance during the entire time. Its been 3 yrs since and I haven’t even driven around that area!!.

So I could’ve titled this post ‘ I conned a cop’ but then that’d make me a con’man.



  1. Now i get , 🙂 Cards do play a Major role everywhere….I need to rush for printer & get a higher designation printed to be safe :)..!! LoL!! Kudos India !!

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