Encountered by the interceptor

One early morning it was foggy and nice..wifey really loves the weather when it is foggy..and I absolutely love to drive when it is foggy. Idea!- we decided to go to Nandi hills nr Bangalore to see sunrise..it is always nice to see Sunrise in Nandi hills. That place has a charm that attracts people during day or night.. the nocturnal’s drive to this place for its calm and serenity and the eery climes.

Well, drive out we did. The purpose of seeing sunrise up there was never met with..we reached a bit late. We strolled around a bit and drove back.

This was around the time the cops had just acquired their new toys – Speed guns called Interceptors.I had read in the newspapers that the cops had received 2 of these and some had told me that they’d spotted one of these interceptor’s in mysore road and the other on airport road.

While we were driving back towards bangalore, I was busy giving gyaan to my wife about how the speed guns work in US and how cops in b’lore are trying to be tough cops ( yeah right) and told her that they could be on this road too trying to enforce the 80 kph speed limit and then.. I got flagged down. I diligently stopped and went to speak to the inspector sitting in the car..

Inspector – “why were you speeding?”

Me – ” I was in the speed limit and may have been at 85 kph while I was passing that truck”

Just then the cop from the back screamed “95!!” ..I had to shut up.

All escape routes shut..technology saar.

me – ” how much is the fine?”

inspector – “Rs 500/-”

me- “ok, where to pay?”

Inspector – “walk up to that constable and give him your DL and collect your receipt”.

just then, while I was busy finishing the formalities, there was one guy in a Red Swift who was driving at 100+. He was flagged down too. He stopped alright but he had no intentions of paying the fine. He walked up to the Inspector –

Speeder – “Sir, what have you stopped me for?”

inspector -“Sir, you were driving at 100+ in a 80 kph zone. you will have to pay the fine”

Speeder had no patience to even ask how much the fine was and briskly pulled out 700 rs and shoved it in the Inspector’s pocket.

Speeder -” sir, keep this, I don’t want receipt”

Inspector -“sir, please don’t do this. Please pay the fine and collect receipt”

Speeder -” sir, please, keep this, I don’t want receipt and all.” saying this he actually left the scene in his car..speeding again.

Wife and I were silently watching this Episode but atleast I did the right stuff – pay the fine and not bribe.

anyway, with this episode over, we left the scene. I was confident that the 2nd Interceptor would be in Mysore road and there was nothing that I had to worry bout even if I sped again. Wife thought differently.

Wife – “you just paid a find and you are already speeding again? reduce speed..maintain 80 kph”

me – ” don’t worry, there are only 2 interceptors in Bangalore. one is here and the other one on Mysore road..my friends have spotted it there”

wife – “but still, why take chances”

just then her version come true…the 2nd Interceptor was right there..damn. good thing I was listening to her. Just as we were passing by, we see a familiar sight..the Speeder in the red swift was Flagged down again for speeding and guess what, he was shoving money into that Inspectors pocket too..LMAO..I still can’t forget the scene. Wife and I still have a big laugh everytime we remember this episode.

Its a totally different story that these Cops aren’t as effective. I’ve sped past many times and I still don’t have a speeding fine after that one.


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