Destiny Farm Stay, Ooty

In this rat race called career, it goes without saying that we all end up over working. To get rid of the feeling called Burn out, we all end up travelling out of city just for a change. Some choose to explore new places, and some keep going to one place they like. Well, I guess Wife and I fall in the latter bin. When we think of a holiday, wifey doesn’t take more than 2 seconds to conclude that it has to be Ooty. She loves the place. she loves to relax out out there in the nice weather. More so, she loves Little Earth properties in Ooty. more on them later.
I on the other hand don’t see a reason to go to Ooty. You see, Ooty is highly commercialized and not the quaint little hill town that it used to be. I totally hate getting into the town too. But then, wifey makes her mind up and is firm. Destination has to be Ooty. Where to stay? Now we’ve stayed at King’s Cliff (another Little earth property) earlier and liked the place- an old Bungalow with nicely appointed wood-eveywhere-decor and nice fireplaces in the rooms for those cozy times.

The food is awesome too. Bu then, King’s cliff is in Ooty town and I so did not want to stay here. Looking at options, I thought about Destiny Farm Stay.

We’ve stayed at this place too and quickly went ahead and booked up this place.

This is a resort some 30 kms after Ooty along the back waters of Emerald Dam.

Destiny Farm stay is a  retreat for people trying to disconnect from day-day life. Its a farm where the promoters actually grow vegetables and hey, they have cattle too !

The location is so remote, even your own car wouldn’t reach. From Ooty, you take the Avalanche Road and simply follow the detailed route map provided by Little Earth when you book.

Exactly what we did. We left B’lore early in the morning, stopped by at McDonald’s for breakfast, replaced the punctured rear tyre, moved on, fixed the puncture on the spare wheel, cursed the blistered road till Mudumalai, took the Masinagudi route and finally reach Ooty-Boy I really love the mountain section via kalatti falls. Always entertaining.

We did not stop at Ooty and drove on to reach Avalanche road and then, took the route to Emerald dam. The back waters- Emerald Lake- is still pristine clear water. Not too many tourists even know its existence and therefore clean.

In fact, at times I wonder if good roads actually lead to spoiling natural beauty. Needless to say this lake too was to be found along a non existent road. hatchbacks and sedans have no option but to crawl along hoping the underbellies don’t scrape. We spent some time here coz it was beautiful. We then moved on to finally reach the designated parking spot. If anybody has a driver for your car, his accommodation is arranged in this area.

From hereon, we  had to travel in a 4X4 ex-army Swaraj Mazda truck. In fact, the supplies for the resort are transported in another Ex-army ShakthiMAN.

bouncy ride on more non existent road, 

finally..checked in !!

The rooms are awesome, the food at the restaurant is awesome and so is the service. the mood is very relaxing.

we then did what we were meant to..relax in the assurance that emails would not bother me..No Mobile phone Network !!

Spent the evening in the cool calm weather ..

and then, post sunset, spent some time alongside a bon fire.

woke up the next day lazily only to remember that we had signed up for a trek to the woods and the hills around the area. After breakfast, we got together for this trek and then, the guide took us deep into the woods..

and then stopped when we reached a peak of a hill. The view from there was just mind blowing. the backwaters surround all around. The Turquoise colored water looks phenomenal. pix don’t do justice.

This was one amazing trek. the location is just marvelous. Shows us the beauty of nature which Urban life can never remotely provide.

The evening went by in a relaxed way by the fireplace.

The next morning, we were off to another Trek. this time a smaller 1.5 km walk to another property of Little Earth – Sundance.

This property is all the more can only trek and reach the place and it can accommodate only 8 people max. good for group outings.

This trek was more back in time for breakfast and later checked out to get back to Wretched urban life. Drove back via Kalatti falls again. The uphill drive is fun but then, the downhill drive has to be done carefully. the steep decline is dangerous. I saw a SUV going downhill with smoke from the discs. I’m sure he didn’t know the right was of driving downhill.

And that ended my short vacation.

Please see the gallery below for more pictures.



  1. Yo Yo Yo!!! Quite an amazement to notice while we struggled with Inventor licenses & dealt with IT freaks at work, you were busy getting along with nature so prominent & adventurous. I’m sure it must have been a real good trek amidst those woods.

    Liked the text as usual, though you could’ve clicked some more intense photographs with the DSLR in place. Blog turned out superbly well. Ciaaoooo……

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