The Monster Jam

early Jan 2011, I went to a truck event THE MONSTER JAM..

I’d heard about this event on radio a few days prior and decided to go. I’d seen shows about these maniac machines on speed tv and I was curious to know if the live show was any better.

the event was in Birmingham,AL. 2 1/2 hr drive for me. Further down the same road I took to go to Talladega speedway. I reached well in advance but got pissed off when I reached the ticket counter. I’d bought online tickets and cost me 45$ but the same tickets were on sale for 34 $ ..and I always thought online tickets were cheaper. Dang it.

then came the next goli..55-200 lens not allowed. basically any lens more than 6″ not allowed..also video not allowed.

I had a lot of time remaining, drove around downtown Birmingham,AL and ate at a Nepali Run Indian Cuisine restaurant, Sitar.

reached the venue in time for the show.
well, the gates opened an hr earlier and the trucks were still around in the field mainly due to the pit party that happened a lil before the event but they all left eventually.

couldn’t help but notice the Mercedes W124 merc being crushed down.

and then the craziness started..

the trucks took a break during which the bikers came out..

then, it was time for the wheelie competition…

bring them virgin’s out…

err, virgin scrap cars..refill if you will..

and then, the final round..the freestyle..each truck is given 60 secs to do all that he wants to do in that field..

and grave digger doing the finale..

and this is the fate of the Mercedes W124 after all the pounding ..

See all pix in below gallery..ensaai !!


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