Mudtrack racing..been there..seen that.

I was living in Eufaula a quaint small town in Alabama. lotsa people know about Eufaula..coz it is on the way to Panama City Beach. its like Sira or Hiriyur when you are going from Bangalore to Goa. One Saturday, I just decide the hit the road south..4 hrs later, I reached Panama City Beach..I was chilling out at Panama City beach all day and on my return drive, which was kinda boring I suddenly saw a signboard. it said


..That got me curious and quite immediately I took this turn into a single lane village road.It was totally lonely and scary at dusk with all the run down houses which make a perfect setting for a horror movie. I saw no more sign boards and even thought for a while that the sign was a figment of my imagination. not a soul in sight to check with. and then, finally i find 2 blokes hammering away on a piece of junk and they gave me the directions in a very southern accent which went like this ” drive south on this road and you’ll find 2 house to your left, go in between them and you’ll reach the venue behind a log chipping unit”. Only then I reassured myself that the event did really exist .

I only understood the ‘go south” bit and drove around..i saw a direction sign and turned into that road.miles and miles and no sight or sound of V8’s anywhere. I then returned to the spot where I saw the 2nd sign and looked around..aah..i see floodlights..but how do I go there? it was a road fit for OTR’s. I had to make my own way. seriously. I’m surprised my camry got through albeit slipping and sliding. still driving only on instincts I finally saw people in Hi Visibility shirts. I has finally found the spot !! mine was the only sedan there !!

so, what was really happening out there? well, this is a Typical Redneck area and rednecks do what they can with the agricultural stuff they have. what do they have in abundance? trucks.. and what they don’t have in abundance is money to buy themselves a sportscar. so what do they do? they quench their thirst for speed by modding their trucks and then racing them in mud tracks.

what kinda track race is this ? well, it’s a 1/8th mile drag race on a muddy slushy track. thats it. no more non sense. no rules on engine mods, no rules on weight, no rules on fuel. just pure speed however you can get out of your trucks. and this is what happens there.

you have to see the video to know how fast these trucks really were.

Unfortunately I did not stay there till it finished I left from there before them rednecks got drunk and decided to Lynch an Indian. why? coz they’ve never lynched an Indian ..



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