Exotic Car Festival 2010, Celebration, Florida

One fine day, in the spring of 2010, while browsing around for events, I bumped into a link about a certain Exotic Car Festival in a place called Celebration in Florida. I’d been to many car shows but then, this one is in a whole new level. dozens of ferrari’s, a few Veyrons, dozens of Lamborghini’s, bentley’s, Rolls royce,..how could I miss this one.

The Celebration Exotic Car Festival showcases one of the largest gatherings of exotic cars, race cars and television/movie cars in North America. The festival draws more than 250 exclusive marquees and upwards of 40,000 spectators throughout the four-day event. Featuring an array of world-class activities for car lovers, “foodies,” golfers, and music fans alike, this destination event has raised nearly half a million dollars for charity since 2004.

This I had to visit. I lived 350 miles away in Americus GA those days and planned to do a day visit to this event which meant I had to drive 6 hrs flat in the morning and drive back the same night. It seemed tiring but also worth it. or was it ?

Planning was perfect. left Americus,GA at 4 am and reached Celebration, FL at 10 am. Exactly when the show had opened for public and what a sight it was..I was dragging my jaws all over. I went crazy seeing the cars I’d only seen on youtube earlier.

The show was around the lake in the town center



I’ve got way too many pix from the event. Here is what I’m gonna do. for those who’d want to quickly glance over, I’ve got a few videos made out of my pix and here they are…

….and for those who’d like to admire the car for longer, I will be posting pix of each marque separately. check it out..


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