Mercedes Museum : Tuscaloosa, Alabama

it was october ’08 when i was in Alabama,USA and the area i went to was a totally boring area. until I realized the interesting places around the area. I was in Leeds, AL and I was there for a 1 month trip on an assignment. I then bumped into a website called now this is an interesting site for anybody to visit. This list all the factories in every state which offers factory tours. I then saw mercedes factory tour listed there. would i miss it ? I guess not !! unfortunately, this factory was closed for the weekend and the only possibility was a weekday. Now, I had decided that I would not miss it and quite naturally bunked office!!
The factory tour is interesting but more interesting was the museum. I’ll admit it isn’t as extraordinary as the one in germany. but its merc anyway.

this factory assembles the M class, R class and the GL class of SUV’s for around the world. yes RHD included.

my form of GPS route to reach mercedes plant at tuscaloosa,Alabama

and btw, the car was a corolla altis automatic.

and my way of verifying, pdf of google maps !!

see the gallery slideshow below..they’re interesting for sure.


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